The Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Foundation was founded in the year 1989 following the will of Heinrich Sussmann to support artists who are commited to the ideal of democracy and antifascism.

Art has the potential and the ability to change perspectives, and raise questions and maybe even make a change. Artists taking a stand, provoking, creating a dialog, annoying, interpreting, making space, telling stories, shedding light on hidden spaces, in order to resist powers that try to limit freedom, equality, and democracy. They are the ones that are seldomly getting support both financially and institutionally.

In order to continue this legacy the Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Foundation decided to support these artists in two different ways:

The annual Anni and Heinrich Sussmann


An artist/artist-group will be awarded based on their current work . The artist(s) will be chosen from a shortlist recommended by our group of advisers (the committee) who were selected based on their commitment to the principles oft the Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Foundation and their experience, and knowledge. A jury of minimum 3 artists decide about the receptance of the price.

actual (click on it for more!):

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The biennal Anni and Heinrich Sussmann


An open call, calling for projects will be sent out each year. The Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Foundation will announce a certain topic that connects the foundations ideas to the current political and social situation throughout the world. One Project that we believe is most suitable, connects to the topic and is possible to realize will receive the award.
On 4th november the Artist Award will be announced in the city of Vienna/Austria