Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Open Call 2015-2016

Every two years an open call will be sent out searching for new or existing projects of individual artist and artist groups. The Anni and Heinrich Sussman foundation will support the chosen project with an award of 5000 euro for this particular call. The Sussmann foundation will pose a new topic that connects the founding idea with the current global political and social situation. The winner of all received submissions will be the one, which according to a panel will be best suitable to be actually realized.

For the Years 2015 and 2016 the Anni and Heinrich Sussman foundation will emphasis the following issue:

Déjà vu Europe

The phrase `Resist the beginning’ is often connected with the restrengthening of racist and fascist tendencies.

The enlarging radicalization of Europe, with the increasing racial attacks on ethnic minorities, the rise of xenophobic voices following the migrant crises, increasing Islamofobia, the newly reemerging of Anti-Semitism in nearly all European countries, in succession with the strengthening of rightwing extreme forces, needs to addressed and opposed.

For example, Austria experienced a huge shift of voters to the candidate of the right extreme FPÖ (50%), which has as one consequence the increasing of racist attacks against minorities and refugees. The first time in the Austrian newer history a future home for refugees was set on fire and in spring 2016 several tents from Roma groups were burnt down. All around Europe there can be seen a tendency to undermine civil rights and limit the freedom of speech. Far Right wing and right extremist groups, self declared “citizen movements“ who evoke a xenophobic, racist and hateful climate and try to gain an advantage out of that feelings are appearing like mushrooms after rain.

More and more extreme right political parties like the French ‘Front National’, the Austrian FPÖ, the German AfD, the Ukranian ‘Swoboda’, the Dutch ‘Partie voor der Vrijheid’, the belgian ‘Vlaams Beland’ and many more, are trying to make their way in to the heart of society and its institutions. In some countries like Hungary or Poland but also Turkey more or less totalitarian parties are already ruling.

Observing all this we ask the question: ‘has it ever stopped’ needs to be posed?

We are interested in supporting art projects that address this current situation. Art has the potential and the ability to change perspectives, and raise questions and maybe even make a change. We invite Artists taking a stand, provoking, creating a dialog, annoying, interpreting, making space, telling stories, shedding light on hidden spaces, in order to resist powers that try to limit freedom, equality, and democracy. They are the ones that seldom get support both financially and institutionally and we would like to modestly support with our award one project.

We are accepting applications for the support for projects that address “Déjà vu Europe” till July 24th 2016